The artist

Kirsi Syrlin is a professional Finnish artist living right now in Brussels, Belgium and having exhibitions there and in Finland. Her art work is also represented at the Atkinson Collection Gallery, IL, USA. Her art can be seen in many private collections in Europe and City of Helsinki has many of her paintings in Kivelä hospital’s walls. She just had a solo exhibition at the Embassy of Finland in Brussels and her next exhibition opens this week together with belgian artists at Château Jourdain, Crainhem, Belgium.


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Photos: Marko Säynekoski


EXPO Cercle D'Art De Crainhem

10/11/2017 20:00
EXPO Les artistes du Cercle d'Art de Crainhem De kunstenaars vande Kunstkring Kraainem Château...

EXHIBITION Sensibility

07/11/2017 19:16
Embassy of Finland, Brussels, Belgium SENSIBILITY 20.10.2017-3.11.2017

Here we are

16/09/2017 00:00
  An art exhibition with HIAA, Helsinki International Artists' Association's artists at Red...

TOGETHER Art Exhibition

09/05/2017 00:00
Art pieces by two finnish female artists, Mirja Gustafsson and Kirsi Syrlin. The main treasury for...

Week-end Culturel

21/05/2016 00:00
I have a pleasure to invite all art lovers to see my latest paintings in the beautiful Castle of...

The extreme days of the colour scales

23/10/2015 18:42
The art exhibition "The extreme days of the colour scales". At the Gallery Fogga, Pohjoisranta 8...

My new art on the web, welcome!

05/10/2015 14:52
My new website has been launched today. To share with all of you, the joy and happiness of painting...