Welcome to enjoy my art!

Just love to paint. Always an inspiration when I just get my old palette into my hands. I can paint alone in my atelier or among other painters at our atelier in Brussels. Just love my artist life and would neverever change it. This is the right path for me, hope You can also enjoy my art and would like to have some on your own wall too. Do not hesitate to e-mail me if you are interested in buying my art, most of the works are for sale. The best collection of my art works you can find from my artist facebook-pages, www.facebook.com/syrlin.kirsi. There is a lot of pictures also in Instagram: kirsisyrlin, and if you just google my name, you might find my paintings also easily. I just finished my last expo here in Brussels, at Au fond du Bois and now getting ready for the summer expos. My next exhibition " Paljon Onnea Suomi! Happy Birthday Finland!" is at Gallery Virpi & Orbi, Niskavuorentie 405, Vuolijoki, Pälkäne, 13.7-6.8.2017. This summer exhibition is done together with European Cultural Association's artists and it is part of the official SuomiFinland100- centenary year celebration program of the community of Pälkäne. (www.virpiyli-vakkuri.com)

Current news in Brussels, Helsinki and Chicago

And one more thing to keep me busy this summer is of course the Night of the arts in Helsinki, 24.8.2017. I will be in a project together with other Helsinki International Artists' Associations artists in Weekend Gallery, Munkkisaarenkatu 14 B, 00150 Helsinki, Finland. See you there!

And right after that I am gonna take part with this same HIAA- group to an exhibition "Here we are", at Red Conception Gallery, Pursimiehenkatu 16, Punavuori, Helsinki, Finland, 16.9-7.10.2017. We are so happy that this expo got accepted as an official part of Helsinki Design Week! Welcome! (helsinkidesignweek.com)

Good things come in bunches, I got contacted by an art gallery in USA and now I can proudly tell you that I have made a contract with Atkinson Collection Gallery, which is a big gallery and has art markets in Chicago area! 4/2017. (www.theatkinsoncollection.com)

Good news from Brussels, I have been accepted as a member to Cercle d'Art de Crainhem, more exhibitions coming there too! 4/2017.

Another great confirmation today, I have been accepted as a member into European Cultural Association, and will send my art works for the jury for an expo in Pälkäne, Finland.

I am so happy to share with you that I have been accepted as a member into HIAA, Helsinki International Artists' Association 11/2016. (www.hiaa.fi)

HIAA is a member of Union of Finnish Art Associations (www.skjl.fi).


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Photos: Martijn Sermeus


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