Kirsi Syrlin, born in Finland. At this point an atelier in Espoo, Finland 2018-

Solo exhibitions:

Diary, Gallery Unelma, Espoo, Finland 8/2019

Joy, Gallery Au fond du Bois, Belgium, 5/2019

Preussinpunaista, Gallery Villisika, Espoo, Finland, 3/2019

Soukka, Gallery Villisika, Espoo, Finland, 9/2018

Blue,  Gallery Au Fond du Bois, Belgium 5/2018

Family, Rocca Art Gallery, Florence, Italy 5/2018

City, CliqueArt Gallery, Stockel, Belgium 1.3-21.3.2018

Red, Maison Sensi, Brussels, Belgium 13.12.2017-17.01.2018

Sensibility, Embassy of Finland, Brussels, 23.10-3.11.2017

Serenity, Gallery Au fond du bois, Tervuren, Belgium 9/2016

Outlanders, Stoa Cultural Centre, Helsinki, Finland 2/2009

Group exhibitions: 

European Cultural Association, ArtHovi Hauho, Finland, 7/2019

Helsinki International Artists' Association, Gallery Kookos, Helsinki, Finland 7/2019

Group exhibition, Gallery Albert 9, Helsinki, Finland 5/2019

Group Exhibition, Espace Evanesence, Brussels, Belgium,  2/2019

Art perspectives International, Crainhem, Belgium, 10/2018

Birds and bees, Confluence Gallery, WA, USA, 7/2018

Hidden, Confluence Gallery, WA, USA, 5/2018

"Hurray Europe" together with European Culture Association's artists, Espoo Cultural Centre, Finland 5-25.2.2018

"Dear Suomi", Helsinki International Artists' Association, Rantakasarmi Gallery, Helsinki, Finland 25.1-18.2.2018

Group exhibition, Château Jourdain, Belgium 11/2017

"Here we are", Helsinki International Artists' Association, Red Conception Gallery, 16.9-7.10.2017, part of Helsinki Design Week.

HIAA artists, Night of the Arts, Helsinki, Finland 24.8.2017

"Happy Birthday Finland" European Cultural Association's artists at Gallery Virpi&Orbi 7-8/2017, Vuolijoki, part of the official Finland100-centenary year celebration program.

Artistic tour in Tervuren, Belgium with multiple artists, 5/2017

Group exhibition with multiple artists at Château Jourdain, Kraainem Castle, Flanders, Belgium 5/2017

”Together” with Mirja Gustafsson at Gallery Au fond du bois, Tervuren, Belgium 5/2017, part of the official Finland100-centenary year.

Group exhibition with multiple artists at Château Jourdain, Kraainem Castle, Flanders, Belgium 5/2016

The extreme days of the colour scales at Gallery Fogga, Helsinki, 2015

”The enchantment of the landscape”, with Soukka Art Association, Espoo, Finland, 2014

1+1=3 OR MORE group exhibition at Parainen, Finland 2004

ColourFul, group exhibition at Gallery Majakka, Helsinki, Finland, 2004


Ateliers abroad

Painting atelier in Espoo 2018-

Painting atelier in Brussels 2015-2018

Painting atelier in Volterra, Italy, 7/2007

Painting atelier in Virginia, USA  2004-2005



2009 Art pedagogue, Snellman College, Helsinki, Finland

2008 Visual artist, Snellman College, Helsinki, Finland

1996 Graphic designer, Crafts and design school, Pirkanmaa, Finland

1993 Upper secondary school baccalaureate, Pälkäne, Finland


Art Perspectives International, Belgium, 2017

European Cultural Association, Finland 2017

Cercle d’art de Crainhem, Belgium 2017

Union of Finnish Art Associations, Finland 2016

Helsinki International Artists’ Association, Finland 2016

Soukka Art Association, Espoo, Finland 2014



Rocca Art Gallery, Firenze, Italy 2018

Atkinson Collection Gallery, Illinois, USA 2017



Florence Biennale catalogue 2019

European Cultural Association's catalogue 2019

Artinside Magazine, Italy 1/2018


Instagram: kirsisyrlin